"Who am I, then? Tell me that 
first, and then, if I like being that 
person, I'll come up. If not, I'll stay 
down here till I'm somebody else."  
- Lewis Carroll

The Transfiguration of Awutok- thon, El Vejigante-Luchador #3

In Issue Three:

The conclusion of the battle between Awutok-Thon (El Vejigante-Luchador) and The Silver Saint plus Revelations of the Shadow-Masques!

After surviving a deadly confrontation with The Silver Saint our reluctant hero Awutok-Thon visits the Temple of Sacred Flame to speak with the holy Sage Tuatha-Dahn and goes off on a Spirit-Walk in search of the origin of The Shadow-Masques.

Story and Art by Miguelangel Ruiz 

©2012 All Rights Reserved 


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