"Who am I, then? Tell me that 
first, and then, if I like being that 
person, I'll come up. If not, I'll stay 
down here till I'm somebody else."  
- Lewis Carroll

 The Transfiguration of Awutok-Thon, El Vejigante-Luchador  Issue #1



This is the story of the Spiritual Journey of a lost soul spanning multiple universes and alternate realities. Awutok-Thon (El Vejigante-Luchador) is a lost soul migrating from one lifetime to another, inhabiting one life-form and then another, sometimes inadvertently and other times with purpose. He is a reluctant Demon exploring many different worlds and encountering a motley group of characters, both friends and enemies, on a perpetual search for redemption. His eternal goal is to destroy Death itself.

In Issue One: A luckless astronaut finds himself suddenly transported from certain death into a series of worlds and events beyond his comprehension.

Story and Art by Miguelangel Ruiz ©2011 All Rights Reserved

On Sale at and at La Casa Azul bookstore and at Taller Puertorriqueño's Gallery Gift shop in Philadelphia PA.