"Who am I, then? Tell me that 
first, and then, if I like being that 
person, I'll come up. If not, I'll stay 
down here till I'm somebody else."  
- Lewis Carroll

 The Transfiguration of Awutok-thon, El Vejigante-Luchador #2

In Issue Two: 

The Silver Saint confronts Awutok-Thon in a deadly battle for possession of the Chronos-Belt! Having been re-born in the body of Awutok-Thon (as a creature known as "El Vejigante-Luchador") our reluctant hero finds himself stranded in outer space.  An Alien being then appeared out of thin air and told him to follow the Path of the Angry Saint.  What is The Path of the Angry Saint? Does it mean Awutok-Thon must face the wrath of the Silver Saint, inter-dimensional Demon-Hunter? Should he trust the Alien or is he being duped by Mortis and the sinister Shadow-Masques?
Story and Art by Miguelangel Ruiz 
©2012 All Rights Reserved

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